Everything communicates, as a brand is much more than just a logo. Ultimately, a brand is a promise. A healthy brand is a promise well kept. What and how does your brand communicate? Are your marketing goals and objectives tethered to sound strategies and then targeted tactics? Do you need a marketing action plan and help implementing it? Project management support? BrandME Marketing is ready. Are you?

BrandME Marketing acts as a part-time or temporary marketing director or coordinator for great Maine brands. As our name implies, we exclusively work with Maine based businesses and non profit organizations – in helping them address their marketing and communication needs. We fit best with Maine only companies and organizations who typically –

  • Do not have any internal personnel or external resource currently focused on marketing, advertising, and communications
  • Possess real marketing challenges, and questions that need probing, action, and results
  • Find the full service ad agency model too expensive, too inefficient, and too unnecessary
  • Believe marketing is an investment to growth and sustainability, more than an expense
  • Seek a qualified consultant's support leadership, aided by a robust index of associates and resource partners
Good marketing is about asking good questions. Let's ask some questions of each other at no cost and no obligation. Contact us today. Or feel free to take our brand survey to continue the exploration.



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