Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is BrandME Marketing and what can it deliver to meet my business needs?

BrandME Marketing was founded to meet the marketing, planning, and execution needs of small and medium-sized Maine based businesses. Instead of being set up as a traditional advertising or marketing agency, it was established as a network of marketing professionals capable of delivering all aspects of marketing services on an a la carte basis, efficiently led by one of our part-time marketing managers.

Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Marketing assessment, planning, and execution
  • Web development
  • Campaign development
  • Advertising
  • Promotional material (brochure) creation
  • Event management
  • Company branding
  • Public relations

Who does BrandME Marketing serve best?

Our core focus is on providing marketing expertise to small or medium sized Maine based businesses and non-profit organizations that need either a short term or long-term marketing consultant to help with any of the various services as indicated in the previous question.

How can marketing benefit my business to help me achieve my business goals?

Marketing is about delivering a message that drives target audience action to achieve organizational goals. To for-profit companies, this ultimately means sales revenue, to profitability and brand sustainability. To non-profits, this may mean donations, exposure/awareness or community and volunteer participation.

Marketing aligns with overall business objectives of growth, market penetration, or awareness. A plan, supported by marketing execution and analysis, drives success.

Why should I consider using a marketing services company? What kind of cost can I expect to pay for these services?

A marketing service company allows businesses to accomplish marketing tasks by supplementing existing company resources. For some businesses, a marketing services company assists in-house marketing personnel and for others, acts as an external "employee." This allows companies to focus on their core objectives and outsource specific marketing tasks to highly qualified professionals at a reduced cost. It also provides a fresh perspective from outside your business. Services can be purchased on either a project or ongoing basis.

When would I need to use the services of a consultancy such as BrandME Marketing?

When you see you do not have the staff or resources for a full-time marketing expert or if you have a certain project in mind that needs promotional assistance –that is where an initial consultation with BrandME would be very beneficial to you and your company in order to assess if we’re the right fit for you or if one of our resource partners can better assist your needs.

How does BrandME differ from traditional full-service advertising & marketing agencies?

BrandME Marketing recognizes that small and mid-size Maine businesses face many challenges in the state’s business environment. Our primary goal is to provide full-service, qualified marketing support at a much more competitive price than traditional ad agencies.

More importantly, BrandME is able to work with any sized business and any sized budget. We will work with you to determine a prioritized marketing plan and you will only pay for what you need. There are no predetermined bundles of services into which you must “buy up front.” Every solution set is collaborative, and customized to your business, your needs and your budget.

What can I expect from working with BrandME Marketing? What is the process, how long will it take?

Don Russell, BrandME Marketing’s founder, begins with a detailed assessment involving company owners and key managers. If you already have your plan in place, he provides feedback and suggestions and is ready to connect you with the correct resources to accomplish your goals.

If your company does not have a current marketing plan in place, he works to develop a marketing action outline including all aspects of your business and schedules appropriate services accordingly.

Either way, follow up analysis is important to ensure marketing activities are having the desired impact.

What Maine based companies have used BrandME and what kind of services have they utilized?

A brief sample of our strategic clients and some of the work performed by BrandME includes:

Three Rivers Resort - Promotional, marketing and publicity
Morningstar Marble - Contractor communications
Gagne & Son - Marketing planning and execution
Berry, Talbot, Royer - Name/logo development
Pine Tree Networks - After-care customer research

For more information on these and other client companies, please see our CLIENT PARTNERS section.

Where can I go to find out more information on the services offered by BrandME?

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Call us at: (207) 650-0356