BrandME offers any Maine-based small business or organization a free, initial marketing assessment through a brief survey and online form that follows.

This is provided through collecting some basic business information in order to provide a valued and timely response. Your answers are completely confidential and will be treated as such. Your data will not be sold, used, or reviewed by anyone other than BrandME. The survey is divided into two sections: general company information and marketing specifics.

Information submitted is personally reviewed by Don Russell, BrandME Marketing’s founder and director. Feedback will be provided directly to you within 10 business days of submission at no charge and no obligation. The initial feedback is just that. It does not necessarily represent specific recommendations nor makes any claims or guarantees. If you wish to submit data (the more detail the better), then we will gladly take the gratis time to review and offer some first pass opinions and input. If you would like to schedule a first meeting with BrandME at no cost or obligation, please contact us now or simply wait until we respond to your submission.

Thank you for your interest in BrandME, taking our free survey, and most importantly, learning more about your brand’s unique marketing needs, issues, and challenges.


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